About me

"In my spare time, I try to pay as much attention as possible to my hobby: painting. I can be inspired by many things around me and love exploring new techniques, styles and materials. This results in a variety of creative expressions, as you can see on this website.


Over the past few years, I have mainly developed my style into two directions. On the one hand, I am fascinated by the so-called 'bokeh' effect; the blur of out-of-focus parts of an image, a technique that is often used in photography and cinematography. Especially when different sources of light merge together in colourful spheres, an abstract expression of an otherwise realistic situation is created. 

On the other hand, I greatly enjoy creating 3D effects on canvas by combining acrylics and oil paints with other materials, such as paper or fabric. I have mainly used this technique in the artworks that are part of the 'Ity's' and 'Enya' collections. These paintings tell a story, for instance about the power of meaningful words. Or they project my interpretation of stories told by others, for instance through music.


I hope you enjoy my artworks and will find inspiration. Visit again soon!"



Robyn at work in her art studio.