"It is not what you look at that matters, it is what you see"

- Thoreau -

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"Art in interior design"

"With art you can touch people in ways conventional words, sounds or images cannot. You can use it to convey important messages that are much more powerful. You can express your emotions in it and at the same time evoke new or similar emotions in someone else. And that is partly why art is such an important and popular part of our interior. It makes you peaceful, or happy, or it strengthens you every time you see it (or read it, or hear it). It creates balance in the home, or chaos, depending on what you are looking for. It takes you away to another world, or places you firmly in this one and reminds you of something you never want to forget.

Lately I have been busy with commissions from people who are touched by my art and would like to capture this in their interior. In those cases a different format, composition or use of color can be more suitable. Like the painting "Focus", which I recreated for J and E with a few minor adjustments. It now hangs beautifully in their living room! I'm grateful that I can immediately continue with a new commission based on the paintings Confetti and Confetti_XL. Lots of colors, nice and bright! So happy that this painting appeals to so many people."


Robyn Eijlander


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